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Last Update: Tuesday, February 28th 2017

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The most played deathmatch mode and in general the most popular event next to free-roam on GTA V Online by now is the “Concrete” shootout located in the ghetto of Los Santos. Deathly rivalry between the gangs are commonplace in south LS. They wouldn’t even notice you shooting around and creating a bloody nightmare because they are used to it.  Police: on, Traffic: on by standard. 

This GTA V Hack provides you an incredible experience, also for the huge gameworld you will be like a “god” because with this hack you will have everything you need – money, weapons, cars.. Everything you need, This GTA 5 Hack is updated with the latest version of multiplayer patch and you can use this hack safely. Our GameClopedia 2014 database is constantly updating this hack for 2014 year. Enjoy

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GTA:O “Compound” Deathmatch

gta 5 onlime mode compound
 A lot of hideouts

Too much melee weapons which are ineffective

This GTA Online Deathmatch shootout takes place at the Altruist Cult Compound in the forest of Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness. The location witnessed an uncountable amount of mysterious rituals and their victims. Police: On, Traffic: Off.


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